Our operations follow international best-practice standards.

Our petrol retail network in Nigeria provides an additional route to market for our wholesale trading operations, complements our logistics assets and responds to the demands of our country’s rapidly growing transport infrastructure.

We supply our retail stations directly from our petroleum-products tank farm in Calabar, in southeastern Nigeria. This vertical integration helps us ensure the security of supply for high-demand consumer-retail products. These include premium motor spirit, automotive gas oil, dual-purpose kerosene, our range of Hyde Energy branded lubricants, and liquefied petroleum gas.

We site our retail stations based on proven demographic profiles, helping us optimise both forecourt and backcourt revenues. Most of our stations incorporate mini-marts for convenience shopping, including a car wash, and also offer auto servicing and oil change.

We conduct operations to international best-practice standards, using modern technology and e-commerce applications to offer a consistent, high-quality customer experience.

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