March 23, 2020

Luminor ZS9 – Our Flagship Product

Luminor ZS9 is at the zenith of our Luminor series. It is a synthetic engine oil with the most advanced protection for all modern engines. The Luminor ZS9, with its prolonged drainage intervals (which lasts three times longer), allows the machine to perform effectively for over 18,000 km resulting in massive cost savings for our customers. It also delivers invaluable benefits including a better high and low-temperature viscosity performance at service temperature extremes, better chemical and shear stability, decreased evaporative loss and resistance to oxidation and oil sludge. In addition to this, our customers are assured of improved fuel economy, reduced engine wear and increased engine efficiency.

The range of our lubricants are carefully formulated to serve numerous benefits including reducing friction and wear, enhancing protection for the machine, keeping temperatures low to reduce the risk of heat-related damage to the machine, improving engine life span, efficiency and reliability culminating in significant cost reduction. The Luminor product range is a passenger car motor oil, while our Maximus range is heavy-duty diesel engine oil which features a series of grades and is packaged in 1litre, 4-litre, 5-litre and 25-litre dark grey, uniquely shaped containers with special safety and tamper-proof features to ensure product quality throughout distribution.

At Hyde Energy, we provide value-added services to our lubricant partners including the Hyde Lubricant Monitoring Program which offers Oil Analysis As-A-Service; Lubricants surveys & training as well as Marketing support such as branding, POS materials and marketing campaigns. We have retail stations in Lagos, Abuja, Calabar and still expanding. Some of our other products include Premium Motor Spirit (PMS),  Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). In addition to this, we also offer customers services like Lube Bay, Car Wash and Mini Mart services at our retail stations


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