February 6, 2023

Hyde Energy co-sponsors the 2023 Lagos International Polo Tourney

Hyde Energy is pleased to co-sponsor the 2023 Lagos International Polo Tournament. The tournament, arguably the biggest polo event in Africa, attracts top players and teams from around the world and is a highly anticipated event for sports enthusiasts and fans in Lagos and beyond. A “Blue Jacket” award will also be presented by Hyde Energy to recognize the Most Valuable Player who made the most significant contribution to the team’s success, highlighting the player’s accomplishments within the team’s performance.

We are delighted to support and promote the 2023 Lagos International Polo Tournament. Polo, widely revered as the Sport of Kings, is marked by values that resonate strongly with our brand, such as strength, respect, excellence, and teamwork. It’s also one of the many ways Hyde Energy Limited contributes to society, celebrating teamwork and championing activities that bring people together.’

The polo player needs a high-performance polo pony with strength and stamina, much like car owners need high-performance engine oil to keep the engine running smoothly. Hyde manufactures Luminor ZS9 5W-30, a fully synthetic high-performance fuel-saving engine oil based with the most advanced protection for all modern engines. It has a premium stay-in-grade performance with extended drain intervals exceeding 13,000km. Luminor ZS9 5W-30 has good thermal and oxidation stability, good protection against wear, foam and corrosion and is available at all Hyde Stations and Motor Spare Parts stores Nationwide.

Hyde Energy is Nigeria’s most reliable global energy trading company with a downstream network with expertise in delivering high-quality products and services.


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