The efficiency of our storage and logistics management empowers our ability to honour delivery contracts and provide customers with opportunities for value added services along the supply chain.

At Hyde Energy we see our future to be a physical energy and commodities business. As such, we have developed our managerial team from the very beginning to include the expertise necessary for excellence in the way we ship, store and blend the products we transact.

We have strong links with the freight market and a proven ability in spot and time chartering to acquire the vessel capacities required to receive and deliver cargos anywhere around the world. In support of this we are establishing considerable oil storage facilities in the West and Central African production regions.

In early 2013 we concluded the acquisition of a 40 million litre petroleum tank farm and terminal via our storage company Hyde Tanks and Terminals Nigeria Limited, comprising of gasoline, gasoil, dual purpose kerosene and fuel oil tanks. The terminal is located in Calabar in south eastern Nigeria.

As we roll out our business plan further we expect to acquire additional storage and distribution assets to complement the growing global development of our trading activities. Our vision is to provide the logistical, storage and blending flexibility that not only ensures security of supply, but also creates flexibility for our customers to enhance their own services.