Hyde Lubricants

November 14, 2017

Hyde Energy has recently introduced its own brand of lubricants which will address all the major areas of customer demand. With a rapidly expanding industrial profile, a growing transport sector and a population approaching 200 million, the Nigerian market represents an unparalleled commercial opportunity for our products.

The development of the Hyde Energy branded range of automotive lubricants is a logical extension of our business activities throughout the oil and petroleum products value chain.

Our range has been carefully structured to meet the needs of virtually every type of industrial and transport machine used in sub-Saharan Africa including petrol, diesel and special purpose engines such as aviation, marine, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, power generation and distribution. The product options encompass synthetic, multigrade, monograde, specialty oils for tailor-made applications and all types of greases.

Please follow the link Hyde Lubricants Guide for additional information on our range of lubricants.