Rigorous risk management in our market activities, financial controls and physical operations is fundamental to the framework we apply to ensure our business excellence.

Knowledge, understanding and experience are the keys to Hyde Energy’s effective management of market and financial risk. We apply sophisticated hedging tools to manage price risk exposure on our trading activities, and our positions are measured daily through mark-to-market valuations. Whilst our culture is naturally dynamic and entrepreneurial, it is balanced by a disciplined approach that seeks to continually mitigate risk and protect margins.

Similarly strict controls are applied throughout our physical operations. Risk will always be present in a business like ours where the production, storage and movement of vast quantities of commodities are a daily occurrence. We are aware of those risks and, to protect people and communities, we apply safety, health, environment and security regimes that are comparable to the highest standards anywhere in the world. Our commitment is that Hyde shall be a good corporate citizen in all we do, wherever we do it.