When Oladimeji Edwards founded Hyde Energy in 2012 he had a determination to create an energy company with a difference. That difference is excellence.

From the beginning, Oladimeji’s vision has always been that Hyde Energy should be acknowledged for exceptionally high standards in every sphere of its activities. As such, Hyde ensures excellence in the trading and marketing services it provides to customers, suppliers and partners. It provides excellence in the assured specification of the products it delivers and the quality of its storage and logistics. It can be said without doubt that Hyde is fully committed to excellence in its business administration, financial management, risk control and corporate governance.

Through excellence, Oladimeji and the Hyde management team are building an oil and commodities company that transacts with customers around the world. In doing so it is providing an equitable means of balancing global supply and demand with the needs of the developed and emerging economies it serves.

The Hyde vision is firmly rooted in experience and expertise.