As a physical and financial trading company, Hyde provides the essential central services that help balance global supply and demand for oil and refined oil products, gas and dry bulk commodities.

Hyde Energy was established in 2012 following growing liberalisation of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Our main focus today is the trading and marketing of oil, refined oil products, gas and renewable energy products in African and worldwide markets. We are also active in the sourcing and supply of metals, metal ores for global industrial customers.

To enhance our trading, we are building firm foundations to expand our asset base in upstream production and to secure strategic local oil storage and logistics. Hyde already has strong links in the freight charter market for ocean-going vessels.

Supported by established relationships with international financial institutions, and with offices in Lagos, Abuja and London, Hyde is well positioned to leverage local and regional knowledge in the structuring of supply solutions to world demands. Staffed by a dedicated core of highly experienced professionals, the company has proven capabilities in every facet of the global energy and commodities business.

Hyde Energy has recently introduced its own brand of lubricants which will address all the major areas of customer demand.

Please follow the link Hyde Lubricants Guide for additional information on our range of lubricants.