Hyde Energy is committed to good corporate governance. We operate to the highest legal, financial, environmental and community standards and act responsibly wherever we do business.

Hyde is managed to maximise stakeholder value while also protecting the interests of the people and communities it serves and the natural environment.

At the heart of our business dealings is a profound respect for our customers, suppliers and partners. We believe in full disclosure and transparency in our operations and not only act in compliance with regulations but also with a true sense of morality and fair-play.

We protect the safety of the people who work for and with us and we uphold our responsibilities to the well-being of the communities that are touched by our activities. Equally, we carefully manage our impact on the world around us and seek to develop environmentally sustainable solutions for all that we do.

Ensuring the delivery of our corporate beliefs and strategies is our Board of Directors ably led by our Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Dimeji Edwards
Dimeji Edwards